Photos by Katlyn Reilly

Photos by Katlyn Reilly

My name is Helia, and I am an addict. A dog addict, that is. 

I've been animal-crazy my entire life, and find bliss in all things furry, scaly, and feathered...but I've come to accept that I just cannot get enough of squishy faces and wiggly butts of the canine variety. I'm a mom to the most wonderfully goofy, derptastic nugget of a dog, Ellie Mae. Because she bounded into my life 8 years ago, I now know the meaning of unconditional, soul-touching love. In a nutshell, she lights up my world.  

What started as an obsession with taking Ellie's photo quickly turned into a means to help dogs in need find loving adoptive homes. Since receiving my first camera as a birthday present 6 years ago, I've been photographing rescue dogs with the hope that beautiful photos showcasing their individuality would attract more interest from adopters than the depressing kennel photos we've come to know as the norm. And guess what? It's working! Time and time again, I hear stories from rescuers and other photographers of successful marketing campaigns that focused on showcasing dogs in positive and unique ways, resulting in adoptions. In short, photos MATTER! 

 Iā€™m also a proud member of HeARTs Speak, a global network of artists who donate their time and professional services to animal welfare organizations. Our goal is to create a united voice for animals through art. 

So here I am, a girl with a camera and a dog-saving mission. 

Finding my passion in helping homeless dogs brings me to the newest chapter of my doggie addiction: capturing the magical joy that is the soul of your pet. In expanding beyond rescue dog photography, I hope to cover your walls with special moments you can cherish for a lifetime. Let's get started, shall we? Those wiggly butts are waiting!

* * * 

If your Boston-area non-profit organization is interested in partnering or to inquire about a session for an owned pet, please use this contact form to get in touch!